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DHS Grant Writers.... Where Can An Integrator Find A Resource?

One of the students in my class today asked this question, but I had no idea.

Anyone out there know where to look for someone with this skill?

You do know the US government is closed.... ;)

I am not aware of any specific specialist in this. However, a quick Internet search shows that FLIR has a 'grant consultant' on staff. I would not be surprised if a number of the larger manufacturers and contractors have similar internal resources.

Put an ad online in DC. There are tons of people around here who are grant writers looking for work. There are also lots of students from George Washington and Howard who have to find someone to team up with the write a real one for credit. I know a woman who wrote one for a class and got and arts school funded for a year (so they hired her).

Thanks Carlton...

I told the guy what you said.... and because the location you mentioned was D.C., there was much head-nodding amongst the students in Denver.  :)

We also had a guy from a PD in CA who has had some experience with grants from the various orgs that give cash to cities, PDs, utilities, etc.

One of the things the CA cop brought up was that the success rate for submitted grant apps can vary.... apparently there are numerous procedural faux paus that can get submitted apps rejected.

Also, some grants specifically exclude including the cost of the grant writer in the grant request itself, while others do not.  Since the work involved in preparing the grant generally has to be compensated before a decision is made, some pay the grant writer a lower up-front fee and incentivize a quality application by awarding a bonus when/if the app is successful - according to the CA cop.  And again, some types of grants exclude that practice, while others do not.

This is what the American Grant Writers Association has to say about payment to grant writers:


How are Grant Writers Compensated?

You will be quoted an hourly rate or a project price, similar to other professions.  Rates are usually $40 - $100 per hour for researching grant opportunities and writing proposals.  As a new client, you may be asked to make a down payment, progress payments, or to pay in full when the proposals are delivered to you. It is unethical for a Certified Grant Writer to accept compensation that is a percentage of your grant funds.  It is also unethical for compensation to be contingent upon receipt of grant funds. (emphasis mine)


That site doesn't have a DHS-specific section or list of providers, but it's a good start if you are looking for someone local I guess...