Deter, Monitor, Evidence

Deter, monitor, evidence. Can you think of three better words to say why you should have a cctv installation?

Intimidate, Implicate, Incarcerate?

Meet Business Goals

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Detection, classification, and identification.

Detection means that you can see that there's a person or vehicle there that shouldn't be.

Classification means that you can tell details about that person or vehicle that can help you narrow down your search- male wearing red jacket, blue four door sedan.

Identification means you can clearly ID the face of the person or the license plate of the vehicle.

Common terms, yet don't get to the "why" question...

Why what?

It's a way to describe the amount of PPF required. You can't choose a product without first deciding what it is you need that product to do.

Recurring, Monthly, Revenue.

In physical security, it is the 3D's




A good CCTV system can be used to assist these goals.

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