Demo Door Needed

This summer, we are planning to record videos expanding our Access Control coverage. As a result, we need a cutdown 'demo door' that simulates a typical commercial opening. For a loose reference of what I'm looking for, see image below:

Is anyone familiar with a source for cutdown demo doors? I have several inquiries out to door manufacturers, but was curious if our members might be familiar with sources I am not.

Thanks in advance!

I've wanted someting like that too. Figured I'd just have to build it. I think any cabinet shop or finish carpentry shop could build it for you. You you can just steal the one from your picture. I think that was in infinias' booth. Hey Donny, where did you all get that thing?

i'd say the same as Jeppie... or even utilize an existing door at your office, what better model than when it gets used constantly then you would know of any hardware related issues...

I would agree with Jeppie. These things are really expensive and often not what you need becasue they are manufacturere specific. I have demos i use for teaching police officers that have been given to me from Securitron, HES, Schlage (IR), and DSI. You may want to check with the alarm distributors such as ADI. They have show rooms that feature such demos. Possibly you could modify what you get from those folks to suit your needs. I also have built my own.

I would recommend having it made out of steel (hollow metal). Try National Custom Hollow Metal or Karpen Door. We can order for you if needed.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, everyone. I need to be fairly selective and choosy with this door's attributes. Many of the 'demo doors' I see (like the picture above) are mocked up to look like doors, but are really cabinets or non-standard assemblies. We need something that captures the major dimensional specs of a commercial door, not just a wood plank on hinges.

At the very minumum, I need an actual hollow core steel or solid wood door cutdown (standard 1.75" thickness), with an actual steel frame with standard throat and rabbet dimensions. I am planning to mount a mortise strike and some sort of lightweight maglock on the same door, so that it can be used as a 'universal' demostrator of those applications.

Even small details, like standard bevels and using actual door hinges are important so manufacturers don't fault a poor setup for issues. When it comes to hardware testing, an actual door will be needed, but for short demo videos of concepts and EAC system reviews, we need a fair representation.

Thanks to all who have volunteered to help!

Actualy, any door supplier in your city can build what you need. They do custom doors all the time. Would suggest an 1-3/4" hollow core flush wood as metal may be a bit heavy. They should also be able to prep it the way you want (including something called a "lock block" which is solid would insert located on the lock stile of the door) then you can mount the hardware yourself. If you know any architects or hardware suppliers locally, they should be able to help you out.

I would be interested knowing what you paid for something like that.

Thanks Jim. That's great feedback. I'll either write a small post about the details of our demo door or otherwise update this thread with info like pricing.


I built the door in your picture, It's nice to see my woodworking is famous :-). (Ok, I won't quit my day job...)

Our goal was to have a show door that we could load up and demonstrate how much you can do with PoE. That door has a ROFU maglock, Bosch PIR, door contact, REX button, Aux button, and three different colors of 12V LED strips. At shows, we configure the Intelli-M Access rules engine to pop up live video off an Axis camera when the Aux button is pressed, and customise the Axis web UI to have an unlock door link to simulate granting access remotely with video verification.

For your needs it sounds like you've gotten good advice on where to get one, but if you still need an option, we also have a metal door built by the Tech Tool Supply guys that's more in line with what you want, happy to provide their contact details if you like.

Wayne Jared

CTO Observint Technologies / (President of infinias)