Dell Unveils 43-Inch 4K Monitor That Can Split Into Four Independent 1080p Panels

What say you about the potential surveillance and monitoring applications here?

Dell Multi-Client 4K Monitor P4317Q

  • 4K large screen experience: The 43" display with high-performance monitor scalar offers exceptional clarity up to Ultra HD 4K.
  • Multi-client capabilities: Connect up to four independent clients to a single monitor with customized views, all without bezel breaks, so you can take total command of your tasks.

That's interesting. Not mind blowing, but interesting. The power savings is nice, especially if you can run different inputs on each monitor. and having four desktops without a bezel could be nice at times.

But at $1350, it's fairly expensive compared to buying a single 4K monitor or even 4 1080p monitors. Especially considering you can get a 22" 1080p display for $100. I'm not sure it's worth the premium.

I have been running the Philips 40inch 4K monitor for a couple months and have just ordered 2 more for a basic video wall. They were $699 when I ordered the first one but now are ~$800. They also have a new 43inch version with has multiple inputs like the Dell has but for less money. Overall very impressive images and video on the 40inch monitor.

Since we're on the topic of displays...

I've been running an LG 21:9 ultrawide display at home for about a year and a half. It has multiple input types (HDMI, Displaylink, Thunderbolt), and has options to do side-by-side inputs "natively" (can be done with 2 devices, no need for special drivers), and can run a quad window setup with software.

Here it is with my 24" CinemaDisplay mounted above as a reference.

ViewZ Monitors has a similar product. John, may I post a link? Full disclosure, I am a ViewZ rep.

Sure, link is fine, include some details on functionality and price range.

ViewZ VZ-50UHD

50” LED ULTRA HD Panel
• Supports 4K (3840X2160) Resolution
• Display port (4K Active Loop-through) & HDMI
• Mode 1: Displays 4K (3840X2160) Resolution
• Mode 2: PBP, PIP & Triple / Quad (Each 1080p) PIP
• MVA Technology & V-by-One® INTERFACE
• 1.07G Color & QFHD 24/30 or 50/60 Hz

$2300.00 MSRP

Like this, I could use this in some of our Control room sites for sure.