Dell IP Camera

Does anyone know that Dell has IP camera? Is there any information availbale on the internet?

I had not heard of it and I just searched for it online and did not find any matches.

Where did you hear of this, Noppdaol?

I heard from one project in Thailand that one SI proposed it to the customer. I'm very surprise but need to verify it first if there's a misunderstanding.

I doubt Dell, the computer manufacturer, is manufacturing its own IP cameras. Maybe there is some re-brand or maybe the SI is trying to confuse the customer. I'd be skeptical!

Dell does sell Ip cameras, but they're not their own brand. Mybe this SI is trying to hike up the price on crappy cameras...;(

My guess is that the Contractor advised that it was a Dell System and may have produced a Dell Spec sheet for a Dell Server.

Andrew, thanks. That sounds like a reasonable possibility. He might see this as a way to make his proposal stand out if competitors are offering less well known brands.

Just verified it again with customer, it's the Dell server with Diebold's IP camera.

Wait, now Diebold makes IP cameras? :)

Is this a proposal from Diebold? Diebold might re-label IP cameras but they are not an IP camera manufacturer.

There're some few projects here using Diebold's camera. The customer get a feeling that they buy American product but for quality (no comment).

'buy American product'

Lol... Chances are high that it is an Asian product relabled with an American name and then sold for a premium. How sad...


Perception is reality. Considering the OEM / ODM relationships that exist with many "Camera " manufacturers these days - it's clever marketing.

Diebold has been OEM'ing Ikegami for years.

Ikegami was well respected in banking years ago during the analog heyday, so that is reasonable. However, I have not heard anyone mention Ikegami to me in years. They do list some IP cameras on their CCTV website but they are fairly basic specs.