Decent Sized Pendant Mount Backbox

I'm looking for a whole slew of pendant mount camera backboxes. They need to be surface mount and fairly rugged as this is for a parking garage. I also need to be able to fit a Veracity Highwire or similar inside the box. 1.5" NPT. Can anyone assist?

Undisclosed due to company policy.

What camera will be attached?

Veracity responded, copied below:

  1. Is this customer aware of our Highwire Backbox product? We modified or standard design so we can fit it nicely in an enclosure.
  2. What type of cameras are they enclosing?
  3. Do they have power at the camera or need to push it through the Coax.

1. No, I cannot find it on their website.

2. These are pendant mounted, fixed domes. The camera will not be enclosed by the backbox. This is simply a box to suspend the pendant mount camera from the ceiling. Pelco IME119 series.

3. Push it through the coax.

I think veracity is referring to the fact that they modified their highwire so that it would "fit" in a standard BB.

Personally I have used Altronix with great success. (and their pricing has been much better than veracity for me)

I've recently used their EOC's and they really redesigned them to fit almost anywhere. (tiny)

Good luck!

A rugged vandal camera, rugged vandal back box, but the cameras are suspended pendant mount? You are better off mounting to a vertical support with a wall mount pendant (dome bubble below the vertical supports). Suspended domes are really not "rugged/vandal-proof".

I was going to see if Pelco had appropriate hardware with back-box, but that site is now too difficult navigate for proper documentation. (Required login when I went to download accessories page).

Do these need to be ceiling or wall mounted?