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Decent Camera To See Parking Lot From On Top Of 6 Story Building?

I am looking for a non ptz camera that can be put on top of a 6 story building that will be able to get a good enough of a picture of a parking lot for overall surveillance.

There currently is a Avigilon NVR there so it should be preferably compatible. Price point is preferablely less the $700. Thank you

I need to see a place that is about 15 feet from the building for a distance of about 50 - 100 feet.

I know I would need multiple cameras. I just want to avoid the cost of PTZ and keep the amount of cameras to a minimum.


You want to see an area that's 100' from the building, or you want to see a perimeter zone extending 100 feet around the building?

If you only want to see a specific area, how large of an area is it, roughly?

To clarify, you want the camera to cover 900ft wide or 350ft wide? Either way is pretty challenging, e.g., a 1080p camera over 350 ft wide area is 5.5ppf, quite low (reference: PPF guide)

Thank you. In repy to both:

The building itself is about 900ft by 350ft.

The location is in Delaware, so it does get pretty cold here sometimes (like right now)

For where we are going to need to see, there is a decent amount of lightpoles. It is a white/yellow light.

We do not need to see the entire parking lot, rather, about 100ft away from the building should be enough for now.

As far as details are concered, we just need a general outline. Thanks

Adding to Ari's questions, what type of details do you want to capture at the back of the parking lot? Does it need to be license plates and facial details or can it just be a general outline of people and vehicles?

How big of a lot? How many parking spots?

Where are you located? What are the weather conditions?

What kind of lighting do you have? Are there lightpoles in the lot, or lights on the side of the lot, or what? What kind of lights are they? What kind of bulbs are they? What color is the light- yellow, blue, white?