Dashcams That Integrate 'Smartly' With Vmses?

Are there any quality Dashcams that integrate directly with VMSes and Genetec Security Centre in particular?

There seems to be a lot of products out there in the way of mobile cameras on trains and buses integrating with VMSes (similarly for body-worn cameras), but little for Dashcams? What is the difference?

Key requirement would be the storage of the video on the vehicle and when it is not in range of wi-fi, and when the vehicle returns to base there would be the automated transfer of the video to the VMS, via wi-fi Other features would include transferring the GPS location of the vehicle and having this presented on a map on the VMS, that is synchronized with the playback of recorded video. An option to live stream the video directly to the VMS, as 'just another camera' would be desirable as well.

1, sorry for the delay. Here is a response from Genetec:

It is possible to upload recordings from certain dashcams into Security Center, though it involves a manual process. Genetec’s offline device driver allows users to import video in AVI and MP4 formats and index them within the Archiver. Dashcams that record video in these formats can be brought into the system, through this method.

Related, this is a video overviewing the import tool:

Thanks very much for the info John!

I find it intriguing that Cameras on Mobile phones can stream video directly to many VMSes via Apps, and some body-worn cameras can also do this, but there doesn't appear to be a single dashcam out in the market that can stream video directly to a VMS?

VMS's can generally receive RTSP feeds, no? Isn't this the basis of ONVIF?

So a dashcam simply needs to stream this format and most VMS's could receive it, yes?

@Undisclosed 2 Most dashcams don't have live streaming capability they store to a SD locally then you ether remove the SD or connect via WIFI to retrieve the video.

Unless there was area-wide mesh networking in place where each vehicle could reach the central VMS while driving, I imagine most any dashcam would have to record locally by default - and then maybe use WIFI as you suggest to dump SD card data into the VMS database.

So that is the answer to the OP then - dashcams weren't/aren't designed to stream?

Unless there was area-wide mesh networking in place where each vehicle could reach the central VMS while driving...

Or 4G, see video above.

Axis F-series integrate with milestone but ive never seen anything showing how to integrate it using either wifi or 4G. Its not quite a dashcam but maybe an alternative.

It would be nice if someone from Axis or Milestone could comment.


Most mobile NVR's that use cellular stream in their own proprietary format (like Servision) to keep bandwidth down. You could set up a mobile NVR with a wifi access point client (if you can find one in 12v, they exist but are rare) and then when you get back into the station, it 'dumps' to your archiver. I've never seen a dash cam with that ability, it's a full NVR (imagine a mobile SV32 for example) , so you've got a lot more cost and cabling involved.

With the understanding that there is no such thing as a stupid question, here goes ...

Why can body worn cameras live stream to a VMS, when dashcams cannot? People wearing body cams do not have a mobile NVR strapped on, or do they?

Yes, they typically have recorders built-in them.

Also, do you not think that the lyfe lens video posted above is a valid dash cam streamer? Do you want more examples, or am missing what you want?

Why can body worn cameras live stream to a VMS, when dashcams cannot?

You can theoretically do either. The bigger issue tends to be logistics. Most body word cameras and dashcams that I have seen do not stream to a VMS but that's because the expectation is that there is limited wireless network available (i.e., not consistent WiFi and too expensive to use cellular). It could be done but the cost probably makes it not attractive to most.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions. To clarify we were initially looking for a VMS vendor (Genetec) supported dashcam solution with live streaming back to the VMS.

Genetec don't currently support a dashcam solution of this type. See their supported device list (body worn cameras are supported).

To achieve this live streaming functionality we are now being directed toward Mobile CCTV, which Genetec does support with products such as this


However, we are concerned that these products are overkill for our requirements (and also costly) and we may also loose some basic dashcam functionality (e.g. G-force sensor) as well.