Dash Mount Cameras

Looking for some advice on the best dash mount mobile camera that is supported by micro sd card. Have had a few inquires about them and just looking for some advice. Thanks

Allan, we did a few dash cam tests a while back but we are not on top of it.

See: Testing CarCam and Testing Advanced Drivercam

There's a pretty good site dedicated to dashcams, though it has not been updated since July 2014. You might take a look there.

Dashcams are a weird market, almost all of the providers are fairly unknown brands with little direct support.

Hopefully, someone else can add some color. Let me know if you have more questions.

Hi Allan,

dascams have become quite common in the last couple of years and they are really quite simple to install and use (and most use memory cards such as SD cards for recording retention). Exactly what would you like to know?

If anyone has used a certain brand and if they are happy with it. Quality picture and easy to use software for the computer for playback.

I was just thinking about getting a dascham on my drive to the office today. It's raining in New Jersey and I witnessed 3 near catastrophes just on my way up.

Interested to see if anybody can speak from experience on this topic. I would like to know price information as well.

Also, are there any dashcams that can easily swivel and film a cop once pulled over? That would be convenient.

I have a DASHCAM in my Personal car, It's the Blackvue dr650gw-2ch .

I am really happy with it. It has two separate cameras that both record to the same micro SD card. You have the option of putting the second cam on the front window facing the cab or on the rear window facing the rear.

I love it because I can review footage from my phone and pull clips to my phone as well. (all this using the built in wifi card)

The picture is beautiful.

I installed a 128gb micro sd card which gives me around 1.5 days.

Dang! You better be happy with that Blackvue camera for how much it costs. Anyone with info on something cheaper than $350+?

I heard some good stories about the G1W and kin. They seem to be the best Quality/Price comparison cameras. But I have to admit, that had been over 1 year ago that I read that.