Who Is Dante Security?

Can you please provide us with information about Dante security.

Did anyone try their product line.

Emad, I have never heard of them before and they do not seem to be much of a real company. They have one employee listed on LinkedIn and a website that is super dated, filled with obviously re-labelled Chinese products, e.g., their 4MP cameras looks to be from Dahua.

I am fascinated. Your website says you are from Egypt. How did you even hear about them?

Update: checking their news section, it appears they sell to the Middle East (e.g., "Dante Security has been selected by Cairo-Amman Bank in Jordan to provide over 650 IR Vandal Domes, Bullet Cameras and Digital Video Recorders for the Security system of 48 of its branches"). That's very strange - a small US company essentially being the middleman for a Chinese manufacturer selling to the Middle East. I'd avoid that.