Dahua Video Analytics?

We have used Dahua cameras for about 5 years now with good success. We have some clients that could benefit from analytic software. Such as tripwire, missing object ect. Can anyone tell me if they have used ay with the Dahua cameras and what the outcome was ?

We unfortunately don't have any Dahua models with on board analytics so I can't comment on performance. From what I see, they have scene change, tripwire, intrusion, and face detection available in some models, mostly in the "Ultra Smart" line, but some in the "Eco-Savvy" as well.

I'd be most suspicious of face detection as we've seen it in several other manufacturers' models and it has generally not performed well.

Is there any specific analytic you'd look to use? Or just looking for a general idea?

Ethan, buy one or two of those models. Thanks.

Which models ?

It would be used in a government building so trio wire missing item found item ect

I''m interested also how Dahua ultra smart video analytics works day/night...speed dome models? Also has anyone work or test the starlight cameras??

Ethan, wondering if you've tested these yet?


No, we have not tested Dahua video analytics and are not planning to do so in the near future. We're not opposed to it, it's just not a high priority but we may do so in 2016.