Dahua Thermal Cameras

I notice Dahua have introduced a range of thermal cameras. Does anyone know if they are shipping yet? I'd be very interested in an IPVM test of one of these cameras and also to know their prices.

It's interesting that FLIR have used HD-CVI in some of their cameras and now Dahua have their own thermal cameras. I wonder if Dahua is using some FLIR technology or if they developed their own?

Presumably thermal cameras are not a hot topic.

Luke, sorry we have no idea.

Last year, we asked Dahua where we could buy Dahua products officially in the US. They told us that was confidential information. This is not a company where it is easy to get information.

I'll ask if FLIR has any comment.

Thanks very much John, I appreciate you trying to find out any information on this topic. As to where to officially buy their products in the USA, I went looking for a Sad button next to the Funny button.

I'm buying from CCTV.net which is an authorized distributor. On a side note, CCTV told me that Dahua prices are about to go up at the end of February. Btw, I just checked the dahua price list that I have from CCTV and it does not list the thermals on it.

"On a side note, CCTV told me that Dahua prices are about to go up at the end of February"

Dahua waves the white flag!

Actually their not. The new pricing is still lower than Hikvision.

I was half kidding. When you say it's still lower than Hikvision, is it lower across the board, like for like? I had some models have gone up quite significantly on the Dahua side.

I'll ask if FLIR has any comment.

You're going to ask Dahua's biggest OEM about Dahua?

Wouldn't the response be biased towards Dahua?

You're going to ask the biggest thermal camera maker about a low cost mfr, poised to disrupt their profits?

Wouldnt the response be biased against Dahua?

Should be an interesting response, either way!

FLIR response:

“FLIR is a recognized industry leader in thermal imagers and as such, Dahua and several others have chosen FLIR to provide that technology for their products over the years. This fits in with our philosophy to maintain an open relationship with the industry on the imaging, recording and video management businesses”.

So if FLIR decides to add a low-cost OEM (Dahua) thermal camera to their FLIR FX line they'd be OEMing each other?

Not unheard of, for instance Huwaei sells SOC's to Hikvision who sells finished cameras back to Huwaei.

Hi John, thank you very much for obtaining that response from FLIR. I wonder if Dahua will officially make these thermal cameras available outside of China and, if so, for what price. I wonder if a low cost, high resolution, thermal HD-CVI camera is out of the question? Time will tell.


Time is an accurate measurement.

FLIR has been bringing the cost of thermal imaging down at a rapid pace to better fit the needs of the security industry. We currently have low resolution/short range imagers with CVI output and will have some high resolution (for thermal 640x480) mid range with CVI out shortly.

The most sensitive devices are using "cooled" technology. Although we have released a 1k imager, it's not applicable at this time for general surveillance. http://www.flir.com/instruments/content/?id=70502


Hi Greg, thank you for your very interesting information. I didn't know that FLIR had already released thermal CVI cameras. Can you provide me with a model number or web link for them as I can't find the thermal CVI cameras on FLIR's website?

The news about VGA resolution, thermal CVI cameras is just what I was wondering about. I look forward to learning more about them when released.

I also checked out your link to the 1k imager. That looks great and hopefully it might find its way into general surveillance products in the future. Thanks for all your helpful information!


Our MPX products are using CVI for HDOC communication.



Hi Greg, Thank you for the link to the FLIR TCX bullet cameras. I knew about regular MPX cameras but not about thermal MPX cameras. The IP/CVI/analog output is a great idea! Thanks very much.

Luke. Low cost and high resolution are not one in the same. Resolution in regards to thermal is dictated in the quality of the sensor for measuring heat between objects or simply how precise the heat measurement is, not image size. Although image size has a little to do with it, it is not a guarantee of quality. Specifically you theoretically could have a 1MP thermal camera but the sensitivity would be so low that the camera would all but be useless for any degree of image quality. This is 100% dictated by ITAR or International Traffic in Arms Regulation where thermals fall under. Don't expect anytime soon to see high quality thermals come at low prices.

Hi Hunter, I do realise that low cost and high resolution thermal is wishful thinking on my part. However the ongoing collaboration between FLIR and Dahua gives me hope as FLIR does seem to be actively working on lower cost thermal products, even for consumers.

Thank you for your interesting information about thermal sensitivity, resolution and image quality. Thermal cameras have so many uses outside of the military that I wonder if there are any moves to remove them from any ITAR restrictions?

Although image size has a little to do with it, it is not a guarantee of quality.

Ok, but the image size seems to drive the price more than anything else,no?


Resolution and optics, then other features, typically.