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Dahua Solemn Declaration To Take Necessary Measures

Perhaps girding itself for the upcoming hand-to-hand combat with its bigger brother Hikvision, Dahua saw fit to issue this strange press release (June 4).

The copy is not so bad here, though clearly still not written by a native English speaker. And in this case it was definitely needed; as opposed to some comic hyperbolic 'case study', this one could have used a little more subtlety. But you be the judge, and please explain what the true purpose(s) of this release is...

HANGZHOU, CHINA/June 4, 2014—The statement on HDCVI technical standard and its products made by Zhejiang Dahua Technology CO., LTD is as follows: HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a coaxial-cable HD video transmission standard which is developed in-house and firstly created around the world by Dahua. The technology has realized innovative breakthrough on HD video lossless, real time, long-distance transmission, compatible audio and two-way data, which has a broad market application prospect.

Dahua released HDCVI interface standard whitepaper for the first time on July 31st.2012. In 2013 Dahua released HDCVI whole series high cost performance products which include camera, DVR, fiber transceiver and HDCVI solution to help all industries with HD monitor smooth upgrade. In 2014 HDCVI technology was accepted by International HDcctv Alliance, and a new generation of HDcctv AT standard was officially released based on HDCVI technical standard.

By the day when the statement was released, Dahua has implemented all-around intellectual property protection to the innovations of HDCVI technical standard, submitted totally around 20 patent applications of related inventions for HDCVI technical standard, and acquired a number of invention patent authorization in China with synchronized implementation of global patent protection. Besides, related trademark sign of HDCVI technology has been under official exclusive protection in main target markets around the world.

Dahua will adhere to the management concept of “open, cooperative, mutually beneficial, win-win”; seek close cooperation with industry peers actively, and boost the application of HDCVI technical standard in security industry together. We sincerely welcome more companies to join “HDCVI market cooperation promotion plan” or contact us by for further communication and negotiation.

Meanwhile, we also solemnly declare that our company will take necessary measures depending on the situation and reserve the right to take legal action at any time toward the unauthorized use of HDCVI relevant patent technology, trademark sign and other behaviors of violating our company’s intellectual property right.

I don't think this is about Hikvision as much as it is directed toward the hundreds of tiny Chinese manufacturers and the thousands of American / European relabelers out there.

Their main concerns in the statement appear to be about IP theft and copyright/brand misuse.

I'll ask Dahua if they can provide any other color.

I have to wonder if Todd had any input on the release.

I checked out their system at Costco the other day. Man it's sweet for 499.