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Dahua Accuses Competitor Of Espionage

Is it just me, or does this seem to point to HikVision?

Dahua Press Release

HANGZHOU, CHINA/November 26, 2014 — A commercial espionage suspect was caught at Dahua headquarter in Hangzhou, China on 19th November and was handed over to local police immediately. During the interrogation, the suspect confessed that he was instigated by Dahua’s major competitor in China to collect confidential commercial of Dahua Technology. Multiple footage indicates that the suspect appears at Dahua's important premises more than once with a forged stuff card. Confidential commercial materials was found in the SD card of the spy camera glasses wore and used by the suspect.Besides, materials related to another Hangzhou-based company was also found in suspect's footages. Dahua feels overwhelmly shocked and indignant about this disgraceful behavior and reserves the rights to take legal actions. As an innovative corporate, Dahua Technology advocates to build an open and fair competition environment in order to facilitate the industry growth in a healthy way.

Jon, thanks for sharing. From what I am hearing, there is a lot of ill-will between Dahua and Hikvision, even before this.

I sent an email to Dahua asking for clarification on this specific matter.

It would be best that the name of the accused company is made public.

As far as I know Hikvision must be their main competitor in China.

This is indeed not good if it's true.

What I find intriguing is that if it is found to be Hik, they must feel really threatened by Dahua to send in a spy. Maybe the CVI vs TVI race is much more important to both companies than we might believe. I simply thought it was a way to keep scraping the bottom, but they must see it differently.

What I am hearing from industry people is that Hikvision has privately accused Dahua of sabotaging them.

This is an unconfirmed rumor but if Dahua wants to create a PR campaign to imply Hikvision is illegally attacking them, it would be noted that the allegations appear to go both ways.

Dahua responded to our request for information saying they have all the information but they cannot share it.

This is in extremely poor taste. If you are going to publicly attack someone, and insinuate that it is Hikvision, i.e., their "major competitor in China", then they have the responsibility to provide proof.

China is the Wild West of business. As noted in various venues, including here at IPVM, many there have not reached a level of sophistication to apply the civil niceties typically used by Western businesses. We see that all of the time with spam emails, LinkedIn posts, etc.

So poor taste comes with the territory at this point in their development. Like what has happened in other emerging countries, their businesspeople will likely catch on relatively quickly.

Ambiguous to a fault. :) Which 'civil niceties' did you have in mind exactly? The espionage? The vaguely specific accusation of same? Both?

Further, after they 'catch-on', will this territorial 'poor taste' be eliminated or will their palate simply become refined enough to not get caught on-site with spy glasses, or at least not confess on the spot to being from a 'major competitor' if that is unavoidable?

Probably more the approach taken to bringing it out in public. I don't know.

Yeah, the West has its share of business ethics issues but somehow we don't seem to be as vehement in our rivalries. So, maybe the correct term is pragmatic?

Wow, for the first time i hear of the chinese ripping off someone elses ideas other than US companies - I guess pigs do fly.