Dahua Makes Fun Of Dahua

Let me say, first, this is the most well done Dahua marketing that I have ever seen them do. Low bar, sure but still.

Check out the video:

On the plus side, this definitely humanizes Dahua and makes them more Americanized (clear English, use of humor, etc.).

On the other, it does admit the obvious, the name is foreign sounding and the wordmark makes saying / recognizing the company name even more confusing.

But recognizing an issue is certainly the first step in doing something about it.

All the silent 'd' responses of "a-hoo-a" obviously have been deleted...

Also, according to the corporate videos in Chinese, it's "Dah-Wha", with a clear emphasis on the second syllable, which a few got right.

Agree - I was wondering why there were no silent D responses.... to me the way the D wraps around the A makes it look like the @ sign followed by a small L - so I think many might see it as ALHUA at first glance.

Cheeky video. I like it!

Some versions sound really funny for Russian speaking ("too much" in offensive language) but they are clearly represent Chinese model :)

We originally thought it was "Duh-who-a" too. It was a fun play on words to respond "Duh-what-a?"

I actually really like this approach. Now if they could incorporate more humility and openness in their demeanor and design language as well as a more community/installer oriented approach, I'd say that Dahua has a fighting chance.

Good for them. I always try to look at things from the business buyers and consumers prospective. As a consumer, I like this video and like Dahua more for trying, too many videos in our industry are far to serious.

Well for years we called it da-hoo-a so now I am glad so many other said the same thing... And the logo is an epic fail. They had/have another logo, maybe for a different distribution channel that made more sense

But we still like the product