Dahua Hires First American Employee, Eyes Expansion

As big as Dahua has quickly become, with nearly $1 billion USD in 2013 sales, the company has a very rudimentary sales and marketing effort internationally, resting on a patchwork of low end OEMs to sell their products and struggling even to communicate in English.

Rectifying this is becoming urgent as they have an emerging hit on their hands (in HDCVI) but with their bigger domestic rival, Hikvision, rapidly responding with their own offering (HDTVI).

More inside.

Now Dahua has hired their first American Business Development Manager, Jeff Silverman, who has previous experience on the failed first generation of HD-SDI / HDcctv.

We think this is a good move by Dahua that they need to expand upon, if they want to maximize their opportunities in the Americas.

By contrast, Hikvision has dozens of employees in the United States alone, with a full team in sales, marketing, support, etc.

If the technologies for both are close (which they likely will), Hikvision more mature sales and marketing efforts will likely allow them to beat Dahua.

On the other hand, Dahua still has Todd Rockoff, the industry's worst marketer in their corner.

Good for Dahua. Perhaps they finally understand the relevant phrase: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. We all know what Todd's method is but what about Jeff Silverman?

On a related note: is there any word on whether Dahua intends to license HDCVI directly to manufacturers or only through the HDcctv Alliance? If the latter, I obviously believe they are making a grave mistake.

There's lots of manufacturers already selling HDCVI that have no connection to the 'Alliance'.

I think Dahua hopes the Alliance will give them some credibility but it has little name recognition and less respect inside the industry.