Dahua HDCVI PAL/NTSC Compatibility Issues?

Hi guys,

For price reasons Im thinking about ordering some HDCVI cameras from US to europe.

This camera on B&H HAC-HFW3231E-Z is around $180 less than the cheapest here in europe. I was a bit struggling because Ive seen something like Electronic Shutter Speed "PAL: 1.3s~1/30000s" and "NTSC: 1s~1/30000s" on the official Dahua site in the specs of the camera.

So Im wondering if this camera from B&H will work on my DVR? I have a regular tribrid HDCVI-DVR. On the official documentation to this DVR I could not figure out if there is any PAL/NTSC restriction.

Maybe one of you guys have already some experience about this topic. Asking Dahua will cost me just nerves and time...


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