Dahua Has A "Tribrid" (Onvif/Hd-Cvi/Analog SD) Tester Available

I can't tell if it is capable of being arm/wrist mounted, but it seems to be pretty comprehensive. Any chance IPVM would give it a test?

Dahua Integrated Mount Tester PFM900

It's pretty niche (testers in general are niche, one that does CVI is even more niche).

Other issue is where to get it. Searching by image, I found this listing at Aliexpress, it says it is Dahua but not sure if it is legit or the same version.

I swear if Dahua ever gets their sales channel in the U.S. together, they will be a huge hit. They have so many products that I would love to get my hands on, but can't because of their lack of sales channel.

I believe the nod must go to L.M. for discovering this tool a couple weeks ago. There were also units on available on ebay.

John, its actually less niche than any other similar tool, including the Tatung or the Eversnubbed Sidestitch, on account that it is both IP and CVI! And at half the price of the Tatung!

Personnaly I just have bought from one from a local distri because FOV settings using POE is the most common thing with IP right now and we have very few solutions: Y POE cable, Veracity PointSource (and future Wifi POE+ Point source, I 've discovered on Ifsec)

Initial Dahua firmware was instable with address, but asap I didn't the first online update, it's pretty good to discover several brands and get quickly the streams, you can work on DHCP or being youself a DHCP server.

It's not a bniche, because every company should purchase 1, 2 or 3 units minimum to insure installations and maintenance and also on site tests and the price isn't an issue when it's really working with several brands. I will do a deeper test en d of week because I want to include such tools in IP trainings.