Dahua Email Failed

Hi does anyone experience problems setting up email on Dahua IPC cameras?

When trying to setup and send a test email, we get an error "email connection failed". Distributor does also not know how to solve it..

Other camera brands do work but not Dahua.

All latest firmware, firewall etc open, same subnet.

On email server connection is opened en closed but no message is being sent.

using Gmail?

no, but also tested it with a gmail account. No success

if gmail, be sure to:


OK thank you. This works now.

But I need to get it working with a local SMTP server as I have a closed enviroment..

Cool. Im sure its something similar on the other email server. Check your security settings and all that stuff. Also, see if it has logs of incoming requests to use the email.

We have have set up two systems recently using Dahua cameras and NVR's and we were sucessful ! But we could only get it to work with GMail.


Thanks. We now solved it by installing another SMTP server with better security mechanisms. This works flawless now.