Dahua Celebrates Founder's Birthday And Wealth

This would be really weird, except that this is Dahua.

Dahua has a new infographic. Such marketing material is not uncommon but it is almost always about company specific metrics.

But for Dahua:



Culminating in:

That Dahua would focus on their founder's birthday, milestones in his life and where his wealth ranks speaks to their mentality.

Finally, they struggle with math, claiming 20 years:

But then correctly notes that Dahua started 15 years ago:

My guess is that they are measuring this from when their founder started in the industry, not their company, but that too is strange since the document is called 'Dahua by the numbers'. That or they are really bad at math.

One document alone means little but combined with their ongoing dysfunctionality this gives insight into a mentality more focused on praising their founder than communicating their value to customers.

Related, Dahua USA's new about page:

A leading name in video surveillance in China for more than 20 years, Dahua Technology maintains a worldwide global presence with offices in 17 countries.


Founded in 2001 by Liquan Fu in Hangzhou, China

Bad at math or?

One too many candles...

Yes, but how many in "Hwah"?