Dahua 4216-8P Issue With Display Picture Black In Multi-Screen Mode.

I have temporary setup where i have 16 cams (dahua hdbw2320) connected to dahua nvr4216-8p.I am awaiting a larger nvr.The issue is that when you switch from single screen mode to multi eg 16 screen there is long delay before all cams appear on screen approx 30 sec sometimes.Its random but leans to a couple of cams that lag behind.I tried setting them to 1080 mode helped a little.I have used these units before with no issues.

Have you ruled out the DVR power supply? We have found that many DVR issues are PSU based.

Yes checked out power supply on switch and nvr ok.Will recheck though.

Yes not a power supp issue,baffles me.If i change sub stream rate picture displays then put it back its ok.Say sub stream at 20 fps i change it to 18 it displays then back to 20 still ok.

Update problem solved.Either I set nvr to ntsc or pal it doesn't actually set the cameras format ntsc or pal.I have use laptop to individually check cameras and adjust if needed.The only perceivable difference is interference on florescent lights and that's covered by selecting 50 of 60 hz setting.I have tried various systems and issue has disappeared.