Cyber-Security Best Practices For Security Camera Systems

I just read the white paper, 12 Security Camera System Best Practices – Cyber Safe, by Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Networks.

Subjects addressed include:

  • Physical Security a Dangerous Door for Cyber Attacks
  • Major Attack Vectors for Security Camera Systems
  • Video Surveillance System types: Cloud vs Traditional
  • Camera passwords
  • Port forwarding
  • Firewalls
  • Network topology (separate cameras)
  • Operating systems
  • Operating systems passwords
  • Video surveillance system passwords
  • Connection encryption
  • Video encryption
  • Mobile Access
  • Physical access to equipment & storage
  • Video recording software

These subjects and recommended best practices appear to be timely and very useful.

I'm wondering how other integrators view and address these subjects.

Jeff, thanks for the pointer. The subject comes up here on IPVM pretty regularly. Here is a recent report Network Security for IP Video.