Customized Signs Resource Or Recommendations?

Does anybody out there have a good source for online edited signs/ordering (you know, the nice looking "video surveillance system by...." signs at front entries, double sided print, window/wall mounted, quality material.)

I remember awhile back (probably 10 years) I used an online service (I think Reliant Signs) to customize banners and card magnetics for pretty cheap, and quick ordering and delivery. It would be great find a similar resource to customize these signs per customer/site.

(I saw one the other day, in a big City, bolted to a nice water reservoir steel perimeter fence, on a major city sidewalk, which was probably 20 years old, still with the vendors name and phone number. That is effective low cost advertising.)

I use Decal Factory out of Spokane.

Though it's probably not what you are looking for, let me mention St. Claire, Inc. Their signs are typically geared to more industrial applications, but they even have on-line "sign builders" where you can create PDF files of many different types of signs.

Their "master page" of their sign builders is at The second bullet item, Sign Builder 2.0, has six sub-bullets. The one at the third sub-bullet (Sign Builder) is the one I have used. If you use SIGN HEADER: NONE and PICTOGRAM ID: NONE, you can enter whatever text you want. (Of course, you can use your choice of headers and pictograms. Just click on "VIEW CATALOG" next to each to see what's available.)

You can also make ANSI signs, HAZMAT signs, and Lockout/Tagout signs with the other sign builders.

When you make all your setting choices (including colors), click on "BUILD SIGN". Their computer will generate a PDF of the sign you have specified and prompt you to download it. I have then printed out the signs on a color printer and used them right away.


P.S. You do have to set up a login. You tell them what your email address is (I set up one just for this purpose) and they will email the password you should use.

P.P.S My wife has called our female German Shepherd Dog by the nickname "Punkin". I made a sign for our kitchen door, which is shown in the screenshot of the PDF file below.

Tnanks for all the info. I will check these out. In the meantime, I went to, used their builder, and ordered a couple double sided metal signs from their stock video surveillance templates with our logo. Have not recieved yet. Price was not bad. Much cheaper in bulk. is where I have shopped in the past. I don't buy many, so take it with a grain of salt.