Customize VMS Client With Customer's Brand?

Anyone see anything like this before? I thought it was pretty clever but do not recall any other VMS offering it:

Easily can be done with Avigilon

as to change Avigilon bitmap to any other pic

Share a pic or example? I am curious to see what it looks like.

Yes, too slow once again.

Btw, I don't know about U1, but I was not able to find the bmp specified in any of the packages, so had to resort to the ACC mock-up, ala Optigo.

Edit: Maybe U1 is using a Map overlay instead of actually changing the logo?

Check Avigilon partner portal (or call support)

Info is there

then come back and say sorry

I'm already sorry.

I did not use Map overlay

it is a specific bitmap with a specific name

which you have to create :)

Similarly to Milestone Smart Client UI.

If use over Xprotect Corporate , the UI content Bitmap can be controlled to show or not show base on user Rights as well


the two "orbs" floating in the background can have their color scheme changed, as well. I'm a DW rep and we've done this for end users, in my area with the DW Spectrum product. Not a huge selling point, but you'd be surprised if the "Wow factor".

We know of the feature in DW Spectrum (NX Witness), but have never used it.

EDIT: Here is my own :)