Customer Support WIN: Triplett

They say that a satisfied customer will tell three people, while a dissatisfied customer will tell 20. Well, I believe solid customer service should be rewarded.

We'd been surviving with basic network testers for years - mostly basic UTP continuity testers; a Test-Um LanRover Pro is about as fancy as we got (up until the main unit vanished into thin air). But since all our camera installs are IP now, and we're doing more and more network stuff for customers beyond just the cameras, I finally convinced the boss to shell out for a Triplett LVPro 30.

It worked great up until I somehow managed to crack the LCD... I searched online for replacement parts and found none, so I emailed Triplett to ask if I could purchase just the screen, or if I needed to send the whole unit in for repair. A Matt Harbour replied and offered to send me a replacement screen, asking only for my address.

The new screen arrived today, and I swapped it out in about five minutes - super easy repair. No charge for the part or the shipping!

THIS is how you get service props, and my repeat business!

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