Customer Is Asking For A 4-Way Camera, Not Arecont

Customer is asking for a hallway camera that will cover all 4 halls is a 4 way corridor - did not want the arecont 360 - needs 4 imagers does not like the single fisheye imager.

Any Suggestions?

There are upcoming / new models from Avigilon, Pelco and DW. Axis has a 4 imager camera but that is 180 only or 360 but must be used with a PTZ.


If you can consider 180 views there are other choices.

A different choice is the vendor Scallop (no ties...just saw the camera when they brought it here). We saw the 4 imager at 180 degree model.

Mobitix has a two imager model also.

A final choice would be to roll your own 4 imager...using 4 independent cams mounted as needed.

Are you looking to cover an hallway intersection like this?

If so it all depends where you can mount the camera. We had a project where the 360 multi head would have be perfect but they had skylights in the center of the intersection so we wound up having to install 4 micro dome cameras. If you don't have anything in the center of the intersection a 4 head camera like Avigilon's works very well.