Custom Printed Fobs

Looking to purchase 500-1000 custom printed 26-bit FOBs with our logo (front) and the prox number (back) on them. I'm having an incredibly hard time finding vendors that provide this service within the United States and hoping maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

Do you want / expect the custom work to be as durable as the fob?

Laser etching may be a better option, but it will not be colorful at all...

I am no expert ( and not from US) but i think it could be easier to get the fobs with the serial imprinted (from HID maybe) and have the logo printed at a custom t-shirt/mug/etc shop (serigraphy-is this a word in english ?)

Just from my expierience, the printed numbers on the back of the FOBs don't last more than a month or so. They wear off pretty easily.

Would Duracard work here?

Thank you for all your suggestions so far. Still no luck. I am going to talk to the custom print shop in town and see what my price would be, but if anyone finds anything I'd love to hear about it. Thanks