Custom Card Readers

I have a customer that has a few custom architectural readers that were made by a third party but no one knows who. can anyone recommend any vendors that can make custom readers?

Can you supply a photo?

I think Dorma did something like this years ago, but I don't see mention of it one their website now.

Also, you might be able to hide an embedded reader like Paxton's unit in other hardware/fittings, but it comes with limitations on credential type (ie: 125 kHz only):

Most likely the *readers* are not custom, but the faceplate or trimplate might have been.

These days I think you could do a lot with a higher-quality 3D-printed approach to make a customized faceplate or trimplate for an existing reader. You'd probably want to start by identifying 2 or 3 suitable readers and then engaging a local industrial design group to come up with something that fits what the customer has in mind for the finished product. The designer can show some 3D software mockups and then give you a file that can be used to create a 3D print. You can get low-res 3D prints done lots of places so that the customer can see roughly how it would look in real life (and you can also check for clearances and things like that if you're trying to fit it into a very specific space).