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Who Are The VMS Leaders In Europe?

Who are the current VMS leaders specifically in Europe? Say maybe the top 3 or 4, mostly interested in Western Europe.

How important is Germany to you? My understanding is that there are a number of domestic German VMS/recorder companies that are prominent in Germany but weak outside of continental Europe (e.g., Seetec).

btw, the top VMS leader in Europe is a VCR....

"btw, the top VMS leader in Europe is a VCR..."

Haha, yes, I know. :) But I'm interested in VMS software leaders. Knowing the top leaders in Germany, even if they are weak outside of Germany, would probably help give a perspective, so yes.

The Germany that appear to me to be big in Germany are (no particular order) Seetec, Dallmeier, Geutebruck, Bosch (whose VMS is not big in the US but surely benefits from home market advantage).

Milestone is, of course, big in Europe.

Axxon is big in parts of Europe. I don't know about Genetec but I am guessing they might have an advantage in France.

One thing that I believe is more challenging in Europe is localization / language support. Hopefully, we will get some Europeans to give us better color.

I believe Synectics is also pretty popular in Europe, as is IndigoVision. Both companies are located in the UK.

IndigoVision is not a big player in Europe. From their 2013 full year financial results, they did £10.2 million ($15.5 m USD) in EMEA, which is pretty small.

Synectics, in Europe, is mostly concentrated in the UK. From their 2013 full year financial results, Synectics did £50.5 million in the UK/Europe but 90% of that came from the UK. Synectics also appears to be a combo manufacturer / service provider and about 40% of their total revenue comes from the later services.

Isn't the UK part of Europe or am I misreading my world atlas?

Carl, I am offering details to help members understand where in Europe manufacturers are relatively strong.

Just my experience: Dallmeier and Geutebrück are traditional HW manufacturers, (still) trying to sell complete solutions. But as for Mobotix, it's getting harder to convince someone to stay strictly on one manufacturer. If it comes to real VMS, you will find Seetec mainly in Germany and Switzerland, Milestone across Europe, AxxonSoft mainly in Eastern Europe (but growing in DACH and Spain), Genetec in France for sure. Another main player in DACH is Schille (DiViCro Software, SiNVR for Siemens). Also, you will see a lot of aimetis Installations across Europe, used as VMS (not always with analytics). Bosch in Germany still takes some advantage of being a manufacturer and installer at the same time.

In general, and I believe it's the same for the U.S. and Canada, the market is quite fragmented.


Dallmeier recently released their SeMSy III Server Software and SMavia Server and Client software as standalone apps for installation on the customer's own hardware. They were touting that capability last year as an alternative to their very high priced packages.

I haven't done much research into it but it is my understanding that we were at least one of the triggers for the move when we balked at paying the exhorbitant cost of Dallmeier systems.

Thanks everyone for your insights. It's really appreciated.