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Wireless Cube Camera Not Working

My camera is not displaying in wireless mode. It works fine with the RJ45 cable attached. What did I miss?

It sounds like its a basic wireless connectivity issue.

  • Have you configured the correct wireless network in the camera's setup?
  • Is the camera within range of the wireless network?
  • Can you even ping the camera's IP from your laptop when it is in wireless mode?

Hello John

I am able to ping the camera when it's wireless? Won't go live from ZVIEWER console.... WIFI is enabled. Is there a reboot sequence I'm messing up?

"I am able to ping the camera when it's wireless?"

So you can ping it? I am not sure because you have a question mark at the end of the sentence.

If you can ping it, can you load the camera's web interface by entering the IP address in a web browser?

Yeah my bad with the question mark. Yes I can ping the device from the cmd promt... 4 packets sent, 4 packets received. Inserted IP # for cam into web browser but couldn't display. Funny thing is got it working 3 weeks ago but then moved it and now no go.

Did you set a static IP address for the camera or are you using DHCP? I just want to make sure you are not accidently pinging another device.

Oh, and when you say ZVIEWER, is this a ZMODO camera? Those are not the highest quality / reliability ones (though they are incredibly inexpensvie).

It is in fact a ZMODO camera and it finally came online via wireless. The only way I can get it to work via wireless is to configure using the cam id rather than an ip address... weird?

I may have been pinging the wrong ip address... upon configuring using cam id method, i noticed an additional ip address assigned to the camera along with and different from the ip address assigned to it previously. DHCP not enabled.

Very inexpensive cam... $79