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Credit Card Reading "Spy" Camera In NY City Subway

Gizmodo article detailing a camera placed in a NY City Subway station. Gizmodo Article Anyone have any info on what type of camera this is?

I'm going to guess it's a custom job. How many applications would there be for an outlet adapter with a down-facing camera? I wouldn't take them into inventory if a vendor offered it. In any case, I wasn't able to find it at the usual suspects.

There's a million little electronics shops downtown to buy or order something like this, too, so I don't know if this is indicative of electronics capability or just imagination.

I agree. Most skimmer cameras are custom made. There was a case a couple years where two guys used parts from spy cams from one of those online shops and a 3D printer to make fake atm overlays and just stuck them on the front of ATMs and skimmed away. They got caught when they went to retrieve the SD card.

This is the camera:

There are lots of options for hidden cameras in electrical outlets.

What's tricky about this technique is not only do you need to install it, you need to later come back to retrieve the SD card, all the while being recorded by the city's own surveillance cameras.

There are lots of options for hidden cameras in electrical outlets.

These are all sideview cameras, though, not down view.

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