Crazy Guy Uses Access Panels To Mix Poison Gas

Electronics distributor Jameco often runs 'contests' based on creative use of the electronics components they sell. In a recent Security Challenge the company stated:

"We are looking for some new ideas that would scare off a burglar with an electronic device or strategy to deter a theft."

Among the responses was this submission using access controllers on a truck for a really devious (deadly?) alarm:

"Several years ago, I had my truck broken into 3 times. The tools in my truck were personal tools, not supplied by my company, so it was beginning to feel as if I was buying hammer drills and sawzalls for the world! My pickup truck had cab on the back that I had the windows spray-painted to help remove temptation, however that didn’t work either.

I had enough! I mounted an access control reader on the back window (not visible from the outside), and a Honeywell/Northern Computers panel on the inside. I added a stepper relay, along with a 360 motion and glass break detectors. Swipe an access card/keyfob and the system was disarmed. Swipe again and it was armed.

Now for the 'benefit' of the burglar, if the area was violated, an 112db air horn (on the inside of the bed) would be activated. Additionally, if I was near either my home, office, or girlfriend's house, a wireless transmitter would send a signal to a common receiver that I had in all three places. This would give both audio notification in the house/office (as if I couldn't hear the air horn), and activate a dedicated zone on the nearest alarm panel to call the monitoring center.

Lastly, two windshield washer pumps would activate, spraying thru copper tubing. One reservoir contained ammonia, and the other bleach that would cross-spray each other.

All powered by a separate car battery, with a few heavy duty diodes for charging and a relay to keep from discharging back through the truck when not running.

I still have all of my tools to this day!"

In summary; guy rigs up a truck mounted access system that sprays toxic Chloramine gas if thieves try to take his tools.

I don't know about the truth of this or not, but it certainly is technologically possible. Whether you connect an Electric Strike or a poison gas sprayer, all that is needed is conditionally triggered outputs.

Thoughts / comments?

It'd be illegal except for the fact that it's complete bull****.

Any respectable booby trapper could tell you MUST use stainless on your ammonia pump line, else your line will turn into a nasty blue sludge of precipitate...

Just to add, no disrespect intended and point taken; if you can connect it, you can direct it.

Yea, I have some thoughts. I actually did a similar crazy ass thing back in the seventies with tear gas canisters rigged up to an alarm panel at a local Pawn shop. Needless to say FBI panels back in that era of time were one zone and 'had issues' with reliability.

BOOM: False alarm, took (3) days to clear the gas completely out of the place, was a terrible mess.

Have you considered what would happen if it you get a false alarm (it does happen for a host of reasons), never mind spraying on some fool? Is your $ 400 drill worth 10 years "uptown"?