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Long Range Covert Mic Needed

I am looking for a covert microphone to pick up voices outside a guard booth up to 50 feet away. Any suggestions.

The audio is to be connected to Avigilon fixed camera mounted on guard booth so that audio can be recorded and played back on Avigilon ACC VMS.

Depends. Do you mean 1) a bubble fifty feet across, 2) fifty feet in every direction, or 3) a spot fifty feet away?

It is firty feet in front of mic, 180 degrees in front of mic

Well, none of the Louroe mics will do it. Crown neither.

Anyone else have an idea?

Not weatherproof, and won't reach 50 feet out.

I cannot find something covert and long range in an off-the-shelf product, so I'm curious too.

How about a "nearby" covert mic (like, in or on the shack) with some form of wireless transmission back to the camera?

Unfortuntely the only mics I'm aware of that will do what you want - pick up audio specifically from a point 50' away without massive background noise - tend to be shotgun or parabolic reflector types, neither of which is anywhere in the same universe as "covert".

... tend to be shotgun or parabolic, neither of which is anywhere in the same universe as "covert"

Not to mention that neither of them is anywhere in the same universe as "180 degree pickup"

Maybe an 6.0 array of staggered parabolics bussed into a small format preamp/mixer both mounted in a custom built enclosure designed to look like a disused Porta-Potty might meet the specification.

But unless this is a defense dept. budgeted project, you are probably better off building a weatherproof enclosure for the acoustic magic array and cranking the gain to 11.

Covert is a misleading word. Well ... Most anything can be hidden in plain sight. An 'optical delusion' works. Been to Disney land? :-)

Even the parabolic and shot gun units. Might start with an oogler search |DYI snooper microphone| then select images from the tool bar on the presentation page. A whole bunch! Yep a few 'make your own'. All this with out some information to show the guard shack, FOV, or focus point of sound.

Workings? The right shotgun mic (size, count and length) of tubes married to a suitable microphone for the job. The placement? Again hidden in plain sight? Should get results. Hidden may be under a false ceiling of the guard shack. Pointing through a mesh, slats etc. on the face of the guard shack. There is a solution out there.

Having said that. I like Matt's. wireless (or even buried) solution.

Most anything can be hidden in plain sight.

Then spare me the Edgar and instead hide these vintage War Tubas in plain sight and we're done!

Tee hee. Mr Disney I ain't. Then again, 'Most' doesn't equate to 'Every'. Or, Not all realities ..... Are. It seems.

Reality - Wikipedia Well maybe.

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Boo. There goes that idea.