Covert iPhone Case Allows Discreet Picture Taking

Just saw this:

Basically a case with a mirror that let's you take photos or videos without being as obvious about it.

See COVR company website. Looks to be iPhone only right now. Prices are ~$25-$55 depending on phone model.

So what I've done is built a case for your phone with a lens cover... It's brilliant!

Humility aside, I like it. Though I'm thinking the Porro prism reduces the light by a couple clicks or more.

Do you think something like this is patentable? (Assuming it's not been commercialized already)

Cool product - I like to take pictures of stupid things I see and sometimes that stupid thing is a person. So I have to try and do this on the down low so as to not alert the stupid person that I am taking his/her picture.

I would suggest that instead of trying to show how the raised portion (the mirror) is not that big of a deal (he compares it to keys, water bottles, etc) he should redesign the cover to have a collapsible mirror piece somehow.

My 3 cents... :)