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Covering Multiple Corridors

Considering the layout below, I have chosen three varifocal cameras having viewing angle ranging between 96 to 34.

As one camera can have a wider field of view to cover two corridors how would it perform in comparison with two cameras with a narrower field of view.

Cameras considered: Sony CH120 or CH220

Taher, that map is not drawn to scale, right? It should be twice as tall since it's 90 long, yes?

If you use a ~90 degree lens, the ppf / pixel density is going to fall off very quick and most of the FoV will be wasted. I think two 30s would deliver far more detail. This is something worthwhile of test to document it (cc: Ethan).

Yes, it is not to up to scale but thanks for your thought.

Taher, my point about it not being drawn to scale was about how long it needs to cover. If you need to see up to 90 feet away, a 90 degree lens is going to deliver extremely minimal detail at that distance.