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Counterpoints To Internal Pressure To Pursue "Costco" Type Video Solutions

Greetings all,

After navigating through various internal conversations regarding a much needed video update, I have run into a particularly stubborn partner that is convinced we can solve our video needs via an "off the shelf" solution at Costco/Sams etc. My counterpoints are below but I would appreciate any feedback on other decision drivers that support a more capable/professional system.... or would be interested in hearing from anyone on here that supports an enterprise wide deployment of off the shelf systems. Thanks in advance....

  • Central Management System
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Health Alerts
  • Enterprise wide firmware updates
  • Increased camera options
  • Improved Retention
  • POS/Video Integration
  • Better Controls - assign user rights for live video, archived video, or export of video

what are some specifics of your system... where is it being deployed, camera count, support etc... am i understanding correctly that this would be for your personal/business use and you are not installing for customers...

We talked about the tradeoffs specifically here: Consumer Vs Professional VMS: What Should I Choose?

As Keefe mentions, we would need to know more about your goals / application to be more specific.

If you have 8 cameras in a garage, your partner is probably right. If you have 800 cameras in a campus, you are probably right. etc.

"we can solve our video needs via an "off the shelf" solution"

Well, what are "your needs"?

As others have said, it comes down to needs. I've had clients pick up the Costco special and come back to us later and say they need more. I've had other than are perfectly fine with the Costco special.

One client was just tired of having to try and fix the cameras on their own when they broke. Wanted better warranty and a trained professional to repair them if need be.