Corridor Mode Interesting Applications?

Hi I would like to know whether any of you have any interesting Corridor mode applications that maybe interesting to share with us?

We find ourselves using corridor mode every now and then. Probably 10-15% of cameras installed I would guess. I don't know if they are really all that interesting or special. When your scene is taller than wide, you flip it to corridor mode. It's not brain science.

It's not brain science.

Nor is it rocket surgery ;)

I swear my daughter (16 at the time) said that and didn't know why we were all laughing so hard. She went through a rough patch, intellectually speaking.

This one time at band camp we recorded the entire auditorium in corridor mode, turned sideways. It. Was. Hilarious. [/satire]

Honestly, after mentally-mocking this for 2 minutes (about 1 minute and 50 seconds too long), I'm slightly more curious about where someone may have used that different format that wasn't just in a hallway or choke point.

Looking down a fence line, a long driveway, stairways, and probably a few others that I'm too lazy to remember.

We have examples from a building exterior and license plate capture in our Corridor Mode Test.

Building, tight along the back wall, gets more area below the camera and eliminates the foliage to the right:

In LPC, if you can mount the camera above the vehicle or at a very shallow angle, you can get more frames with the plate in view, though some of them very close to the camera will be at too steep an angle to read. It's a modest improvement.

I think someone in the past mentioned warehouse aisles, as well.

Here are a few screenshots from one site where we have a few corridor shots

p.s. I tried to restrict these to 500px high, but it doesn't seem to affect once I saved the post. It does seem to work fine in the edit mode though.