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Convoy / Cargo / Smuggling Analysis?

I have received a tender about ANPR where there are lot of requested functionalities which I was not aware before. They are all based on ANPR detection and therefore I’m asking you if you know some type of solutions which would fit those needs and how.

Here they are:

  • Convoy analysis (detection of vehicles that ride together, in convoy or that follow special transports like money vans)
  • Cargo theft (robbery of goods from the trucks which are parked in parking areas on the highway
  • Human smuggling (traffic of humans using the trucks in the parking areas)
  • Drugs couriers

Hopefully you can help me.

Genetec can do it.

Do what? Everything? Can you elaborate?

Convoy analysis. When I was visiting Genetec booth at ISC WEST, I heard very interesting chat between NYPD and Genetec stuff. Understood that money van or so called boss van usually rides very closely with transporter and Genetec can pin point the licence plates that are matching on several LPR cameras.

Hi, it seems there are not a lot (let's say nothing) about the Genetec solutions in the internet. I will try to speak with them at Ifsec.

What about Human smuggling and Drugs courier? About this I really cannot find any solution based on ANPR.

If you know some or have an idea your help will be really appreciated.

Below is what they have on their latest autovu ppt file:

Law Enforcement:
• Recover wanted vehicles
• Track vehicles under investigation (antiterrorism, narcotics investigations)
• Data Mining : behavioral analysis
I assume that behavioral analysis is what you are looking for, so please contact Genetec autovu product team.