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Converting Intellex DVR To A NVR

Has anyone tried converting an Intellex system to an NVR? If so what VMS did you try it with? What equipment upgrades did you need to do? This is just a thought at the moment. I know RAM and HDD would need to be upgraded, and some of the older ones would not work well because of the outdated hardware. Thanks for any information.

You mean take the existing hardware and turn it into a general purpose PC to run open VMS software?

What generation Intellex do you have?

Depending on how old, you might have an issue with the CPU. Most VMSes are CPU constrained, not RAM.

Exactly. all the ones I have are betwween 4.0 and 5.0. the reason I said RAM is because some are 512k still. The CPU ranges between 2.8 and 3.2 for the most part.

I assume you mean 512MB :) Either way, that's really low.

It's a single core CPU, I presume?

I am not sure it's worth the time and effort trying to do it, considering the cost of upgrades, the time to do it and how relatively inexpensive new modern machines are.

Hopefully some others have advice.

LOL yes 512MB, Yes I assume single core, but not sure of the ones made last year.

See my response on "Inexpensive ways to upgrade DVR to NVR" just posted. Those older Intellix boxes are not worth putting resources and money into. The capture cards are only supported by AD anyway. You want a non-proprietary VMS solution for sure using a hybrid or encoder solution.