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Converting An Existing Analog System To IP

Hi Everyone,

We have a site that is currently an running Axis IP cameras. The site also has some existing Bosch analogue ptz's that only a few years old still function quite well. The client would like to integrate these with their IP camera network.

Is using an encoder the best course of action to achieve this? and what might be some of the pro and cons in doing so? Or would it better in the long run the cameras where just replaced with IP's

Encoding analog video is certainly the best option for migrating and allowing the old analog cameras to remain in place.

Something to consider and investigate is the PTZ control functionality. What is the current method for controlling the PTZ cameras and how do you expect that to work with the encoded option? Most encoders have PTZ control capability but it might be limited to a few protocols.

Matthew, good question. Since they are newer PTZs (and therefore probably fairly expensive to replace with IP ones), encoding them would probably make more sense than replacement. As Mike says, make sure you can integrate PTZ controls with the encoder.

As for encoding, you have two main options - external encoders and hybrid DVRs which we discuss here: Encoders vs. Hybrid DVR Recorders