Control Room/Video Wall Recommendations?

Any members have experience and recommendations for video wall vendors?

Here's a starter list of companies with offerings:

A member asked for recommendations of companies to visit and research ahead of IFSEC next week.

For those also interested or unfamiliar with that vertical, see our Surveillance Video Wall Guide for a primer.

Vista Systems has the Spyder and Phoenix. We've used the Spyder quite a bit for entertainment applications. It's a very good video processor but may be overkill for a security control room. It has a lot of capabilities that would most likely go unused in a control room.

Extron also has video wall processors but my experience is that they are expensive compared to other manufacturer's offerings.

I don't have any direct experience with it yet, but RGB Spectrum's new Galileo processor looks interesting. Their OmniWall processors are pretty cost effective, but they do have some limitations on placement of images on the wall, so that is a caveat.

Nvidia has the Quadro SVS video card.

Smart-Avi has these options.

Avenview has these boxes.



Thank you for these recommendations!

This is a little off topic, but:

For a simple video wall, where you use separate PCs going to various monitors, there is a great free program called input director. It is an IP-based Keyboard/Mouse Switch. Just like you used to have a physical KVM, here you already have your Monitors. This allows you, once configured to get rid of all of the keyboards and mice laying on the desktop, and use 1 set to control multiple PCs. This can be very impressive for people who have been used to the clutter. Great for control rooms, demos, trade shows, etc.

The software supports PCs with multiple monitor outputs and you can configure how they are arranged, and neat options like wrap around and shared clipboard.

Input Director - Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers

List of features:

Input Director - Software KVM to Control Multiple Computers#features


Take a look at Hiperwall.

It does away with all the proprietary hardware, its IP based (multiple walls - remote sources or displays).

Its a software that is installed on the sources PCs and on the display monitor (the monitors need to have a small PC - built in or attached) and the system runs over an IP switch.

Recently saw Christie Phoenix - looks like an interesting product for mixing video sources. They sell the walls and the controllers.


Just FYI - All of Christie's video wall processors are manufacured by Vista Systems. Christie bought Vista back in 2007.

Thanks for that piece of info, Richard. Good to know.

You might want to include Delta Displays.

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