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Connecting Multiple Honeywell Fire Alarms Across Different Bldgs Wirelessly?

We have a client with multiple SilentKnight panels and flow detectors across a campus that was connected via some very old World Electronics RF devices, back to a central panel, that dialed out. It is my understanding that each building was treated as a zone when it reached the primary fire panel.


The RF devices have failed on some of the buildings and are no longer available.


One alternative is to stick cellular communicators on each building but over 5 years the monitoring fee is going to go over $50K


Is there anyway to connect these together via wireless? cable is not an option


Our primary fire tech is currently unavailable and I need to figure this out quickly.

I believe it is possible, but unfortunately it is not easy or quick to assess. 

Honeywell sells a variety of wireless FACP /(SWIFT) devices, including relay modules that could notify like the flow detectors, but specification and figuring RF reliability via wireless network design is a pretty big effort.

Often the person designing such a system needs to carry a license, which may apply in your area.

We talked to Honeywell and they have no option.


We need to link multiple panels together not just initiation devices to a panel. I should have been more clear. Some buildings have flow detectors but most of the buildings have a 5000 series panel.


Ah, got it.  You're linking panels, not devices.  It seems like such a thing is technologically possible (especially given the old World-Electronics radio system), but it may not be permitted by code.

The old system was only transmitting alarms, and not troubles/supervision so we do not think it was up to code.


We have given them 2 options.Communicators on everything or a ton of trenching and directional boring. We will see what happens.