Connecting Flir Fc-Series Camera To Milestone

Was hoping someone has some experience connecting a Flir FC-series camera to Milestone. Going through the Flir camera it has 3 different users, but I then notice this is purely for different levels of configuration.

The important part in the camera is the "nexus" server which is a web service for the VMS to connect to via Onvif on port 8081. I also see you can put your own password here. I have tried forcing IP address, Port, Password and Driver in Milestone but no luck Milestone doesn't pick it up. Any suggestions?


Had the same issue a while ago connecting FLIR cameras to another VMS. Basically since the firmware update from 1.3 to 1.4 they have separated the web login details from the stream recording login details.

If I remember correctly the username is admin and the password is indigo using port 8081. It may be admin / admin. Can't recall unfortunately.

Thanks, I changed the username/password to admin/admin and restarted the Flir Camera and restarted the Milestone recording server and tried again and it worked.

Yes!! Thank you !!
After using this Sunday on this issue and loosing all my confidence... you led me to the correct answer.

What is strange is that you should not use the "admin" password you set under "Security Options" in the camera settings when importing camera into Milestone.

There is a dedicated ONVIF password under Sensor/Communications/VMS Remote/Interface 1.
This is set to admin/admin as default but can be changed.


We are using Flir FC and onvif on 8081, but i remember that it was some problem getting them to connect properly if there is a too big time differens between the cameras precived time and the VMS time. So make sure you sync your time on the camera Before you trie to connect if to Milestone. And if im not misstaken you will recive an error saying it the wrong admin or login name but in reallity its a miss match in the time sync..

Hope this help. I can investigate furter after the holidays.

Best of luck.