Congrats On Getting Out Of The Industry?

On LinkedIn recently, I saw a fairly well know industry person congratulate a colleague on getting out of this industry.

Fair statement or not?

Depends on how you define "the industry." Integrator, sales, dealer, manufacturer? Cameras, VMS, 'solutions', other..?

From the video surveillance 'industry' out and to the 'entertainment / technology' 'industry'.

There are many people in this industry want "out" but don't know how to sustain the same income in another industry.

I certainly couldn't.

But it's probably a case of the grass being greener.

But wait, there's the upcoming IPVM program, "How to get out of this damn industry and make more money right away!"


So when a salesperson thinks they can sell like a champ no matter the industry or product, it isn't true?

ie: "I can sell bbq ribs to ladies wearing white gloves!"

Most sales people acknowledge the value of their 'rolodex' and industry experience play, two things they would lose leaving, even if they did bring their confidence, charm, etc.

Of course, just changing industries doesn't make a hard-nosed huckster lose their Rolodex. Haven't you ever got one of those calls like

Hey John, it's Charlie Cheeseball checking in, I used to be your inside guy at Crappy Cam. Well, now I'm doing something a little different, I'm over at Atrocious Athletics and Trophy Emporium. Listen, I just got some new Italian marble bases in, and naturally thought to give you first crack at them...

Interesting. I've had job leads from other industries (IT/Network security, Datacenter Storage) that would pay me about 10-15% MORE than my current salary (which is honestly probably on the higher end of the pay range for the security industry).

It's "fair" if that person wanted to switch industries for whatever reason.

It's "unfair" if it implies that anything else would be better than the security industry.

Anybody who doesnt like this industry is banannas. 100% Unfair.

I think its a love/hate thing and thats probably true of just about any profession. There are times I don't like the security industry and in some cases, downright hate it BUT....when I calm down & move past whatever caused those feelings I realize that I really do love it. The customers, vendors, competitors etc are generally all friendly, helpful and have a great sense of humor. I've made a good living in the industry and alot of friends. If someone is disgruntled with the industry and more hating than loving it, they should definitely do what that guy did - move into another industry and see if thats more fun. I don't think it was a fair or unfair statement, thats not the right question. Better would be to ask how many of us feel the same way & would jump at the chance to get out of the industry. A poll on that may be interesting.

"Better would be to ask how many of us feel the same way & would jump at the chance to get out of the industry. A poll on that may be interesting."

I'll do that next Friday. Good idea.