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Competitor To Eagle Eye Networks? VSaaS

Hello, does anyone know of another company doing anything similar to EagleEye Networks? They have hosted video for about $8 per camera. We are looking for something a little cheaper... or with better quality.


By better quality, do you mean higher resolution video or more / better VMS features or?

And you want the video to be hosted off site or can it be stored locally?

Better picture quality for live streaming

We do local recording.

If you are ok with local recording, then you do not need hosted video, by definition. It appears you want a managed video offering, yes?

You want to rebrand it?

And what specifically do you want for 'better picture quality for live streaming'?

Just curious if anyone knows any competitors of them...

I cant find many...

yes, we re-brand it...

just better looking images when end users view the video on mobile devices.

There are a lot of great things about that company that I like...

I am just looking around for something similar

In terms of companies that offer recorders with managed video capabilities, there is:

  • Next Level / NLSS
  • March Networks
  • Axis AVHS partners with NAS units on site

The first two tend to sell the recorders at full price and give away (or for very little) the managed video services.

The big name VMSes do not really offer anything like this (as an out of the box offering).

So I am totally bias on this...

But isn't Stratocast an Out of Box offering from a big name VMS?

That show you how often I think about Stratocast and how much Genetec has been marketing Stratocast recently.

Yes, Stratocast would be an option / alternative here. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip about stratocastor but it looks like they only support Axis cameras.

Too bad...

We could never use Axis cameras... they would literally price us out of business.

We use some amazing looking dahua cameras for 1/4th the cost. :)

Hi, at, we do branding for Vsaas, for reseller or installers. Contact me at


What does Acoba do and how does it provide a direct alternative to Eagle Eye? Please expand or we need to remove the comment to keep the discussion on topic and promotion free.

acoba provide cloud recording service for cctv ip camera. we sell only thru resellers and installers. we offer a dashboard access to professionals, they can manage their users, subscriptions, invoices, etc.

we offer an end-user website under white brand. we can offer the credit card payment service and automatic invoicing too. we also have a special ip camera firmware which manage easy connection to our cloud. Our cloud server are on several continents to be closer to users. we will start this service in february 2015. we are now recruiting first customers (resellers or installers).

thanks for your interrest.


Do you provide on-site recorders that are managed in the cloud? What cameras do you support? What is your pricing?

I ask these basic questions because your website is quite vague and I cannot find answers to basic questions on the main pages of your site.

yes, our website is vague, because the service is not yet launched..

we do only cloud recording.

we support main brands as hikvision, dahua, vivotek, for special firmware , and RTSP standard for others like axis, samsung, sony, etc.

End user price is around 10/15 USD for 1 week recording. as our customers make their prices, they do what they want in their market.

once demo will be opened, I will send you a link to try it..

Thanks. we actually do on-site recording via dahua nvr's and dvr's.

We just need the cloud for getting the video to the users via browsers and mobile apps...

I am curious what is preventing you from using DDNS/Static IPs and local networking to provide remote access? Are you trying to build an RMR base selling these features?

Kenny - Could you please explain that a little more?

Dahua doesn't have a Mobile App, or Web Service on their NVR? I'm not familiar at all with their recording platform, but I just assumed they had both.

We use the dahua for live local display and for local recording.

We use a seperate cloud service to get the live video to our end users via browsers and mobile app.

With this cloud service we can use both IP and Analog cameras via dahua dvr's and nvr's.

Hello, I work for Smartvue. You should take a look at what we have to offer.

Ben, explain briefly what you offer. Look at the questions I asked Nicolas above. Answer the same ones so people can understand roughly what you offer.

I did look at smartvue... its a nice product... but the quality of the local view was not enough for some in the company here... With the cloud we are using now... we can use the dahua nvr or dvr for local high quality real time display of the video... and for local recording.

The cloud just handles the live streaming of the video to our end users.

Hi Kenny,

I think we have what you need. Local storage, high resolution video, cloud user managment and push notifications as needed. Fully integrated with central station software, DMP intrusion/access and analytics via Hanwha and Sight Logix.

Our team can connect and show you the ROI via webinar.


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