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Comparing IP Camera Software

I am an end user and the company I work for has go1984 software for the cameras. We are looking at Blue
Iris and Milestone. I would like some professional feedback as to which is the best for a multi million dollar company that continues to add IP cameras.

We have over 100 cameras now and will be adding about 50 this spring.

Thanks for the feed back in advance.

Blue Iris vs Milestone is like a bicycle vs an SUV. For a multi million dollar company, I would choose Milestone (or other professional VMS) hands down.

Blue Iris is a home / SMB offering. Great price but limited features and only forum/email support. Here's our Blue Iris test from a few years ago.

What other software do you reccomend?

I don't know enough about your details to recommend specifically but check out the list of favorite VMSes for an idea of popular VMSes. I'd try out or take a look at their interfaces and see which you prefer. That's a big factor - you might find some too cumbersome or too simplistic, etc.

A couple of other drivers:

  • Do you need server redundancy? This is limited among VMSes.
  • Is there a specific access control or intrusion system you are trying to integrate. This is limited among VMSes.
  • Do you have a preferred integrator? I am guessing no here but if you do, they are often allied / limited to certain VMSes.

Take a look at Genetec's Omnicast coupled with MediaSolv's CMS. Both scale well to large enterprise implementations.

Do you have a list of features that the software should have?

If and until the end user lists specific features they are looking for, no specific VMS recommendations are allowed. Otherwise, you might as well list every and any professional VMS on the market.

I was on same situation (multi-million company with 60 cameras and couting) thinking to select somethining that could be a standar for all our facilties of our company, I went throught almost 2 month of research, I started writing down pro and cons of mayor software, I use a the information of IPVM, which is great source by the way, I get MY conclusion that for OUR case OnSSi is the best, it has the engine of Milestone but they developed ther own "Client" (interface to see the video), we like the clean inferface, and few and simple menu options that make it easy to use; wide range of 3rd party applicationts, server redundancy, etc. in my opinion it is expensive, but for a multi-million company and are the options it can offer, is a excellent option.

I read some bad reviews, but as you maybe see on amazon, there is always somebody who do not like a product. We get a demo for 30 days, we tested, showed to our people and we like it.

as they say, it all deppend what your need now and what you will have in the future (access control, license plate recognition) etc. the budget, etc.

I hope this help you,

End users, feel free to share experiences and use the undisclosed feature.

I'm not ready to share the results of our VMS evaluations, since we're in the middle of Phase 2 but we've run extensive tests on a number: Avigilon, Dallmeier, Geutebruck, Pelco Endura, Genetec Security Center 5 and IndigoVision. Phase 1 included an 11-page evaluation form and produced a "rating score" for around 25 factors plus a 2-3 page formal paper while Phase 2 includes a 17-page evaluation form.

Some failed Phase 1 and were not invited back for Phase 2. The first Phase 2 system evaluation (just completed) also produced a "rating score" on nearly 50 factors plus a 6-page formal paper. We're now testing the second Phase 2 invitee and will start on the third and final system in mid-February.

We will use the results of the above to make a (as much as possible) totally unbiased system choice. Once we choose a system, I might write a report.

Whatever Carl chooses will be overkill for 99% of other professional end users :) simply because his deployment is very big and has harder requirements than typical commercial / industrial applications

Hi, Carl which is your implementation? Casino if I remember correctly? If you see it fit it would be interesting to know which VMSs was included in phase 1. I did a study for a client a couple of years ago, but found it hard to decide on phase 1 list, since there are so many VMSs out there, some more known in US and some in Europe. I came to focus on those which had reference cases for similar applications. But I'm sure I excluded a number of VMSs which could have been on the list, just from not knowing.

Too many unknowns to give you any options. WIll the system be integrated with Access Control or any other security systems? Are there 24x7 guards monitoring this on site? What type of market is this business in? How long do they need video? Who is accessing the video? What up time do they need on the system? How is the system distributed? Those are a few of the questions you need to start asking before you even begin to start thinking about making a recommendation of a VMS for a customer.

I think the integration with access control is the most important aspect. Unless they do not have access control that is.....


I listed all Phase 1 participants above. Now I know there will be questions about why we didn't include Brands X or Y but first we eliminated all DVRs and all-in-one NVRs. Second, some manufacturers like DVTel, ONSSI and Milestone either showed no interest or were not suggested by any Integrator we contacted.

We were supposed to look at Omnicast after Security Center 5 failed our Phase 1 evaluation but no one brought it in, despite statements they would. It is my understanding, at least for the casino vertical, that Genetec would prefer to get away from Omnicast and concentrate on SC-5.

If youre looking at integration to Access control, Security Center would be the way to go; but there are still definitely some features/support in Omnicast that hasn't been built in as of Security Center 5.1 SR3... but for a large video deployment with many user client connections, Security Center has performed well for my deployments

Another important consideration is I think many companies are going to want access or low end PSIM like solutions integration with their video systems. The access control/PSIM solution may be the primary interface guards and other monitors may use for video, going only to the VMS interface when a more advanced video or picture export is needed than what the access control/PSIM solution may offer. The VMS functionality and interface are still important factors, but may not be as important as integration compatibility with other access control solutions and the desing of their interface.