Can I Use EZPASS Transponders For New Gate Access Control?

We have a community that wants to use their EZPASS transponders on a new access system for their gates. I know that ezpass uses 915mhz frequency. Nit sure what long range readers will work, or how individual transponder data is extracted. Anyone with experience on this would be much appreciated.

What do you mean by 'transponder'? Vehicle RFID tag?

Using turnpike or toll system tags for access is difficult; just because you match frequencies does not mean you can decode or even read the tag in a meaningful way.

The first call you need to make is to whoever issued the EZPASS tags and get the chip format details. Unfortunately, you're probably not going to get a good answer.

One of our competitors told a prospect that they have successfully implemented this at other locations - although I am still having a hard time believing it. After researching a bit, it looks like the EZPASS transponders in vehicles are manufactured by Kapsch. Model 801660A-TAB. Specs: Apparently, they are considered open source and non-propietary. Just need to fine a long range reader..... Any help, much appreciated!

Thanks for posting that link.

Here's the bad news: That particular 'credential' is transmitted using a 'Manchester Keyed Carrier' format.

Unlike access control readers that use some form of 'clock & data' transmission (the basis of Weigand, for example), MKC combines the separate streams into one:

This means you will need a specialty reader that can output MKC into Weigand. I was not able to find one from the access side from a vendor like HID or Nedap, but maybe there is a Kapsch model available?

Unfortunately, most of the good tech Kapsch details are limited to dealers, but I've emailed them for help. When they respond, I'll update here.