Access Control Platform That Supports HID And 4G Vstation


I do have an enquiry for access control system. The clients preferred access control reader is HID and they require 4G Vstation as their bio-metric reader.

The issue is that I require a common software platform that could take both brands, viz."Milestone of access control" :)

Appreciate your valuable inputs !

I don't get all the architecture you aim to get but first thought is : HID readers all come with Wiegand output as default and that is supported by most/all access control platforms which integrate in Milestone. Also most Morpho 4G VStation bio readers have Wiegand in ( for prox reader confirmation before reading the fingerprint) and wiegand out so those would work too, i guess, though fingerprint profile management would likely be done in Morpho software..

So, my advice is : pick the access platform that works as you intend, integrates with Milestone if that is required and has the right functionality . Then check if ( and how ) it works with HID and Morpho readers but there is 95% chances it will.

The issue is the HID controllers, still in search of right software that support HID vertex

Ok, if you want to do it with HID controllers and you want Milestone integration then you definitely need to look at the access platform first. I know of some options :

- Lenel - the expensive way, i guess

- AMT - the cloud/hosted way . This might be cheaper but you need to check how is it integrated with Milestone. Last time i looked they had an integration with ( the old ) OnSSI which worked with XProtect as well.. but you need to talk to them

- we currently work with SPICA , which is integrated with Milestone both ways ( gets video into it's own client and sends events into SmartClient + Access control module) and has a tight integration with Morpho as well. But we use it more for time&attendance applications, might be overkill for your needs. Not sure how it works with Edge/Vertx though.. sorry

And then talk to each of them and see where they stand in the Milestone integration :

Vlad, I think he was saying "The Milestone of Access Control" as an indication of interoperability and quality, not that he actually wanted Milestone integration per se.


As others have also said, HID readers will work with just about everything, because of their Wiegand output. The bigger question is on the Biometric side, and how the "biometric templates" (biometric data), are stored. Many biometric readers store the "templates" locally, then output a Wiegand stream of a saved card to an access control panel's reader input. In these cases, the access control system doesn't even know about the just "sees" a standard card read bit stream from the biometric reader. This method requires each reader to maintain a separate database of biometric information.

Another method is when the access control panel "knows" about biometrics and manages the biometric info itself. Mercury panels support this method with Bioscrypt V-Station. Also, biometric readers that support OSDP should also work.

That said, I do not know which Mercury partners support the Mercury panel's Bioscrypt and OSDP biometric capabilities. I do know that Lenel supports Bioscrypt.


ACMs that support both 4G (and Suprema) fingerprint readers and HID RFID readers "In a Single Common Plaform":

- LENEL (Onguard)

- Tyco (Software House)

ACMs/Security_Platforms that support HID RFID & Suprema Biometrics (but might not support L1/BioScrypt 4G in a single interface):

- AMAG (G4S)

- Avigilon (ACM)

- Bosch (Bosch fingerprint) => here

- Brivo (Online)

- Honeywell (WinPak or ProWatch)

- Genetec (Security Center)

- ...

Click here to see how it works (pdf brochure example for SWH)

You can ask my contact info to IPVM if required.

If your customer is a SMB (~up to 32 doors) who does not require very advanced features (ie: Video deep integration, Visitor mgt, card printing), I strongly recommend you to use:

- Suprema BioStar 2, with using the DM20 (dispatcher for connecting the HID readers)

Picture below to understand this last very simple solution to install: