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Altronix Eoc Rated For 1080p Max, Can It Handle 5MP?

We have used Altronix products in the past and they support up to 1080P resolution. Are there Co-ax to IP converter products that support 5 Mexapixel resolutions?

We have a request by a consultant to replace old analog cameras on 3 light poles in the parking lot and we want to re-use the existing co-ax cabling. It may be next to impossible to try and pull out existing cabling to pull in Cat 5e or 6 cables.

Claude, see: Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Shootout

I just reviewed the Altronix marketing material and they do only spec it for 1080p max but that's somewhat strange since the real issue is total bandwidth consumed, not resolution of camera.

Have you tried Altronix eBridge units with 5MP and they did not work?

Technically, they say "Works with Megapixel, HD720, HD1080 and VGA (SD) cameras", which I think was just their old school, non-IP savvy way of saying that yes, they work with IP cameras.

When we did the EoC shootout, we tested with a couple of 3MP cameras, but we did not test 5. I don't see any reason it wouldn't work. We saw 85 Mb/s actual throughput at 1,500', which is much, much more than a 5MP camera should consume.

How about Phybridge CLEER switch? It includes both the converter and the network switch in a rack mount unit. I think they have a 4 port version.

I'm with John and Ethan here, as long as the EoC you're using handles the bandwidth, I see no reason any of them shouldn't work with a 3MP, 5MP, or higher-resolution camera.

Realistically, what's the nominal bandwidth on a 5MP camera - 10-12Mbps? Unless you're using the cheapie passive units that only do 10base-T, you should be able to run three or four over a single coax.

I see no reason either that Altronix wouldn't work with higher resolution cameras, just not sure why they wouldn't state it in their specs. Before I move forward with this I will need to ask Altronix the question. We have used their product on this project and I would prefer to stay with the same line. I will post their response once I hear back

Thank you for your input.

I see no reason either that Altronix wouldn't work with higher resolution cameras, just not sure why they wouldn't state it in their specs.

Perhaps that is because the question, "Altronix, what's the max resolution you support?" has no definitive answer. As others have said one can back into a number, but that requires assumptions about frame rate and compression levels.

Also, keep in mind these converters have no idea what resolution stream they are passing, they could less. They just push Ethernet frames and wouldn't even know an IP packet it if it hit them in the head-end. ;)

From Altronix Spec: Throughput is rated to pass 25mbps of data at distances up to 457m with proper headend equipment which supports Megapixel, HD720, HD1080.

  • My question to Altronix Tech Support:

    We are looking to use this to add an Axis P1357-E using your converters but it is a 5.0 megapixel camera. If we do not exceed throughput rating do you see any issues with supporting this resolution?

  • Altronix Tech Support Response: There should be no issues using the eBridge1CR if the throughput is less than 25mb

I think most of us expected this kind of response based on feedback I read here but without ever having used the eBridge1CR line for resolutions higher than 1080p it was in my best interest to hear it directly from them.

Claude, thanks for following up and confirming. I changed the title to make it clearer what we discussed / found.