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View / Control Samsung And Ganz DVRs At Once

Dear all

I ask about availbilty for open various kind of DVR by using one CMS for example I need to open samsung DVR and GANZ DVR by using CMS support the 2 kind of DVR is it possible or not?

I think you will need to get a third party PSIM software application.

CMS (or Central Management Systems) are typically proprietary to a single manufacturer (ACTi' CMS only works with ACTi's recorders, NUUO's CMS only with theirs, etc.).

I am not sure who integrated with both Samsung and Ganz (and at what price it would be). Let's see if anyone has suggestions.

Mohanmmed, are you dealing with a lot of these recorders? Because if it's only 1 or 2 of one of them, it might be cheaper / easier to standardize on one.


It is Tender and customer had already samsung DVR ando we go through this Tender by using GANZ but he had one condition that he need one software to open old system plus new system in our solution we will change his old DVR by new GANZ but im afraid that our price will be higher than the other company which using Samsung

so i was wonder if there is any software cam open different DVR becasue i know as you said that each brand has his own CMS